About Us

 The founder of The Find started her love for consignment dating back to her first jobs in retail from High School and College. As her love for fashion and high quality luxury items grew, she desired to find some way to afford these brands without spending all of her money. While she worked in Finance through most of her adult life, her passion truly lies in this space. After years of being a loyal customer to the resale industry in both buying and selling designer items, she has decided to pursue her dream of opening her own consignment store with the hopes of providing quality items and services to women around the world and providing a more sustainable yet fashionable world. She hopes to help women feel and look their best at an affordable price.

We truly believe in the integrity of our site and want our customers and clients to feel safe shopping on our site. We strive for excellence and only sell verified authentic goods or 100% money back guarantee. 


Contact Us: 

Phone: 312.569.9974

Email:  info@thefind.online